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Terms and conditions

  1. This site is operated by Venice1959.com (“we” or “us”).
  2. The site provides access to services provided by us, namely the ability to buy prints from original negatives of photos by John Vere Brown and other photographers whose work will be added to the site from time to time.
  3. We retain all intellectual property rights, including copyright, to images provided on the site. Images may not be copied without permission under any circumstances. Images on the site are provided solely on a sale basis.
  4. Photos are available only for private use, not for any commercial undertaking.
  5. Should you wish to make commercial use of photos this will be considered only if and when we are contacted (see Contact Us) for such purpose. Any decision to enter into a commercial agreement rests with us and will require both a licensing contract and payment.
  6. All sales are final. If you have received a damaged print we reserve the right to request return of print along with all damaged wrapping material (i.e. all evidence of damage) before a refund will be issued.
  7. At present the only payment option is by PayPal. Any request for payment by cheque will be considered (go to Contact Us). Credit cards are not accepted.
  8. All photos will be provided with a gloss finish unless otherwise indicated. Photos are only printed in response to any given order and are provided on high quality archive photographic paper.
  9. From the time an order is initiated it takes up to three days to process a photo and, depending on the destination, up to an additional seven days to arrive. It would be wise to expect the entire process to take between 10 – 14 days.
  10. Sizes of photos are listed in inches and centimetres and refer to the size of the paper, not the size of the image. This is because paper and image sizes usually differ, especially with archive prints.

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