Venice 1959 - local transport

Photos of Venice by John Vere Brown

The photos of Venice on this site, taken in 1959 by the painter, photographer and designer John Vere Brown, are shown publicly here for the first time, and offered for sale as archive prints taken from the original negatives.

The pictures, hardly seen in his lifetime, were discovered among his effects after his death in 2000. These intimate photos of the inhabitants of a famous city at a turning point in its history did not find an appropriate venue until now.

It is hoped that they will bring this aspect of his work to a wider audience and help him, posthumously, to find the recognition he never gained in his lifetime.

At the moment the site includes photos of Prague, taken in 1972, although they are not by John Vere Brown. Prints again are archive prints. Photos in this section of the site will change from time to time.

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